Wk2- Art Experience- Plaster casting

One of the main reasons I took this class was to get out of my comfort zone and try new things that I am not accustomed to. Although I have never tried doing something like this before, I can apply to something later in life by plastering something meaningful to me and keeping it. So with the plaster casting project I wanted to try it at night as opposed to doing it in the day. So my group decided to meet up at the park and go ahead with the project. It was an interesting experience because of the reactions on people’s faces we got. It was also pretty funny because we had a shovel three guys a big bag full of plaster. So we started to dig and make our molds of our body parts and it was definelty super hard to mix the plaster casting and even some of it got stuck to our bucket. So we poured the plaster into our mold and waited for half an hour. Keeping mind that the park closed in 20minutes. When it was time for the parks and recreation employees to close it up we had only 5 minutes left on our stopwatch. Luckily, they were our high school friends and they waited for us to finish our project! 🙂 Below are our before and after pictures of the plaster casting project!




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