Wk-3 Artist Conversation

Info Block:

Artist: Heather Jarrard

Exhibition: Standard 2.6: An Education Student Association

Media: Mixed-Media with Macaroni and Beans

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: None

Instragram: cobranoag


Thursday our first class trip to visit the art exhibition, so I had a very hard time choosing which artists to go with. After going to different rooms I decided to go with Heather L. Jarrad. She has been working on her degree for about 7 years. Heather’s main goal is to be able to create and teach art. She has been an artist for about 3 years and would like to be an art teacher at a middle school or high school. She prefers working with metal, but metal can be pricey so therefore she settles for cheaper things such as macaroni and beans. Her piece at the gallery was made up of macaroni and beans to represent the current budget crisis in America.

Her piece was constructed of only macaroni, beans and hot glue. Despite using such simple materials such as macaroni and beans, she said it was difficult because she placed each individual piece to form certain shapes. It was interesting to see how the textures of the macaroni and beans blended. The yellow and brown were morphing a mellow feeling for me. I felt like from the perspective of the audience it would be interesting walking into a room and seeing this. It would catch the audiences attention because of the shapes it represented and you would like to know what exactly the macaroni and beans are symbolic for.

Since Heather’s main point was to represent the current budget crisis, she had to use cheap materials. In order to get her main point across she spent very little on the supplies used to make this piece of art. She informed us that California is the second worst state on budget spending for art.


Her art opened my eyes to the budget crisis on art. I was not well informed on how art was not appreciated in the United States. It is highly underrepresented in the United States. I feel like if she was to have her art in a highly known art show it would bring a call to action among the artists and critiques there. IMG_1726[1]









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