Wk-3- Snapchat Drawings


Hello Classmates,

Well on Thursday we were all at the Art Gallery talking to the artists. It was a very interesting gallery. I decided to add art to some of the art. It was interesting to see that many other of my classmates also tried to add a body to the hanging piece of clothing. It was also fun seeing the variety of ways that people could add a body to the piece of clothing. I chose Hilario’s specifically, because his closely represented mine and I know this project was about speaking indirectly to other artists. I then chose Enrique Vega’s portrait of the boy sitting on the steps. It was interesting because I thought of it as steps into a better life or towards achieving a goal and a boy sitting on the steps brought back memories to my childhood. For my second piece of art I chose to mess with the women with no eyes and draw eyes in for her because she is apparently overdosed on drugs.





Enrique Vega



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