Wk 4- Painting

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Hello Guys,

So for our graffiti project a couple of us carpooled and went to Venice Beach. We used blue,  white, and orange as our colors for this project. It was pretty intimidating walking up, because we didn’t know what to expect. There were a good amount of professional artists out there so we decided to go with a smaller wall and work around them. I was the last one of my group to go and we were running low on paint. It was interesting to see how my penmanship would come out because usually my writing looks like a 4 year-old. It was really foggy Sunday morning so we worked pretty quickly. I can say I was proud of the way my tagging came out. I can actually make out my name on the wall. This project made me realize that just because you can express yourself in other ways that you didn’t know you could have. To elaborate I know my penmanship sucks, but when I tagged I could say that it was more three dimensional and I had fun doing it. It is always great to try new things, and that is one of the main reasons I joined this class! By far one of the greatest experiences I’ve had in my art career and I would definitely try it again!


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