Wk4- Classmate Conversation No. 2

Hey Guys!

Well Thursday was a nice day and I actually got to have a great conversation with one of my better friends and catch up with him.  Well let me tell you about William Luna, I have known this guy since we were 12. Many people often confuse “Luna” as his first name, since that is what he likes to go by.  Luna is currently a second year at CSULB and his major is mechanical engineering. Luna is probably one of the best soccer players I know. He also is part of a partnership business that started from scratch and now they run a business off a 3D printer. So if you’re looking for anything special in 3D ask Luna! Luna’s hobbies include playing soccer, going bowling, and he is an active movie-goer. I have never met anyone that doesn’t like Luna, so if you have a chance to interact with him do it because he can honestly be an impact on your life.



He has to be the most humble person I have ever met. I remember this one time when we were about to eat he saw this homeless man and he went outside to give him his untouched meal. This is when I knew William was a loyal friend. I know I can count on William for anything I need. And for that I thank you Luna. Much Love from your brother! If you guys are looking for new friends or would like to get to know Luna more. His website is listed below!





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