WK 5-Cuisine and Beyond

For this weeks art experience I decided to go with a new hairstyle. I decided to go with a new hairstyle because I took this class to try new things and this was one way of doing so.  I have had the same hairstyle since 6th grade and have avoided getting a new hairdo ever since. I had reached a point in my life where I wanted to not have to wake up every morning and battle to comb my hair. I would constantly have bad hair days. My hair is not the typical straight hair edge, it is wavy and can be complicated. I decided to finally get a new hairstyle, so I got rid of my spiky hairdo and went with a more relaxed hairstyle. My hair used to be all over the place with my spiky hair and now it is less complex and is easy to comb. Although at first I was very scared to let go of my old hairstyle I knew I need to change it. I honestly do not regret getting my new hairdo. I would like your guys opinion as to which  hairdo is better my old one or the new one? I have created a poll so you guys can submit your opinions. Thank You!





image                         image


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