Wk 7- Art Experience- Video

On Thursday I met up with my group and we decided to think of a topic. Well we decided what better topic to choose then college struggles. A common struggle that all of us as college students go through on a daily basis, stress. Stress is probably one of the worst things to have as a college student. Thinking about topic to write about for an essay, meeting strict deadlines, and running on 2 hours of sleep. College work is almost impossible for a student who goes to school full-time, works part-time and extracurricular activities. Every time we see my friend Enrique we tell him “Don’t stress out!” because he says he stresses out easily. We instantly thought of this and incorporated it into our video. It was a fun experience because it was hard not to laugh while making it. If it wasn’t for our video producer Enrique Vega, we wouldn’t be able to have had a great video. Our video consisted of William Luna, Hilario Saucedo, (myself) Alfonso Madrigal, Enrique Vega, and Tyler Kedis. Here is the link to our video below I hope you all enjoy!!






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