Wk 8- Art experience- Automatic Drawing

My classmate Hilario and I decided to do this art experience together. We had a very difficult time trying to be serious because we kept laughing. Next we also had an issue finding a pen because we didn’t bring our backpacks. We purchased our supplies at Wal-Mart. When we finally got serious it was interesting how me and Lalo kept going different directions at one point we almost broke the pencil for fighting for the direction. Overall it was interesting to see how two people have to settle and share the power. In our case we finally mellowed out and let it each other have control for a bit. It was a fun experience because most of the time we think as art as a perfect masterpiece and its amazing how much joy and laughter that some scribbles can bring to people.  In my opinion I believe the art created on our faces is worth more than any masterpiece.

image      image    image




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