Wk 8- Artist Conversation

Exhibition Information

Artist: Bri Joy

Exhibition: Merge

Media: BFK printmaking paper, printmaking paints

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: None

Instagram: bri.joy

About The Artist

Bri Joy is an undergraduate at California State University of Long Beach. She is about to graduate with a degree in Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Printmaking. She grew up in a small  town that was surrounded by nature and wildlife.  The population there was less than 1000 people. She was shocked when she moved to the city, seeing so many unfamiliar faces was surreal. She has many  hobbies such as yoga, surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding and hiking.

Formal Analysis

Joy’s work in this exhibit is printmaking. This is made on large rolls of  paper with special ink. Most of her pieces are hand printed and are very large. None of her pieces were small enough to carry away with only one person unless you rolled them up. She told us that its hard to make one complete printmaking all at once, so it has to be broken down into sections. Once she makes each section, she has to piece them together seamlessly to make it look like it was done completely at once. She also told us it is very unforgiving if you mess up. Each time you misprint it cost around $100 right away to start over because you have to use new paper. All of her pieces were black and white with different type of lines. Some of her pieces are made with thin lines throughout and others have thick lines to bring certain sections of her pieces out to the viewers eyes. Her main point in printmaking is to use organic art from her past to present life.

Content Analysis

Her art work started from an organic line in the beginning. She wanted to work with concept and colors. Her work is more positive to convey emotions. Before this she never worked with black and white. Each piece is very complex when looking deeper into the message with it being highly organic upbringing. Her main point for her work is the merge between her past life and present life. This conveys living in a mountain town to living in a big city. Every time she beginnings a new piece she has to enjoy the process because at the end its worth the journey to look at the final piece. Her favorite piece out of all of them was the one that was the self portrait of herself. She also told us that the reason she doesn’t have a website is due to not wanting to get overwhelmed by feeling obligated to rush her work and send it out. She also wants to be present when she graduates so people will know her from her art work. Another reason is that she doesn’t want word to spread that she is a person that doesn’t want to be part of gallery shows to show off here work. Overall, her work conveys her life from past to present by the meaning of Merge.

Synthesis/ My Experience

When I walked to the different galleries, I don’t know why but the black and white lines were calling me over. I also didn’t want to follow the crowd of students so I decided to interview Bri Joy. I really enjoyed her background story of how her different pieces came about and how to create a piece of printmaking. I also could connect to her cause I’m a outdoor type of person . Some of the pieces were hard to see at first but you kind of just had to stare at them for a while and look at how the colors contrasted each other. Overall, this art gallery walk was one of my favorites because I could totally relate to the artist and really enjoyed her work.


Art 5




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