Wk 12- Artist Conversation

Artist: Jennifer Chen
Exhibition: Succession
Media: Paint, Digital, Ink
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: None
Instagram: None

About the Artist

Jennifer Chen is currently an undergraduate student at California State University of Long Beach. She is concentrating in the printmaking process and is currently in her final year. Her first degree was in Biology, but she felt she was more passionate about Art. In her early life, she worked for companies that had no focus in biology or art. Her activities are broad and her hobbies vary. Her  exhibit  is called Succession and its main focus seems to be landscapes.

Formal Analysis

Jennifer’s work has different sizes of printmaking. She said that the large ones take about a week to complete because she has to let the ink dry in order to add more detail. She made a comparison to painting because you have to wait for it in order for it to dry, but that its not the same thing.  At first I thought most of her work was the same, but then she explained that they vary in scales of being zoomed in. All of her work was shaped in a square or triangle because of the printmaking.

Content Analysis

Jennifer’s work consisted of nature.  The reason her exhibition was called Succession was because of the problems and ups and downs that nature has went through. She wanted to show how ecosystems have been around before urbanization started. She wanted to show many tress in her work because trees symbolize to her human life and that we should acknowledge that trees have been living way before we have.

Synthesis/My Experience

When we were all interviewing Jennifer I felt as if she maybe got overwhelmed because she was literally being attacked with questions. However, she managed to answer everyone’s questions. Jennifer’s work opened my eyes to how urbanization has had an impact on nature. I felt like her artwork inspired me to get into nature and actually appreciate it before it is gone.


image image image image image image








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