Wk 15- Artist Conversation

Exhibition Information

Artist: Nancy Young

Exhibition: As The Crow Flies

Media: Ink through Relief Printing

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery

Website: None

Instagram: None


About the Artist

This weeks artist was Nancy Young. She will be graduating this semester with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in printmaking. She told us that when she was younger she went to college but was disqualified from the school because she had a bipolar disorder. Her exhibitions name is  “As the Crow Flies.” She named her exhibition this because she was traveling from city to city to increase her skills in printmaking. She said that she is not doing printmaking for the money but as a passion.


Formal Analysis

Her exhibition was very well thought and well thought through as she traveled around California to improve her work. She used techniques such as dipping a sheet of metal into some acid to give it a certain texture. There was also a star on the ground that she made from sand. The perspective she used for her art work were bird’s eye view because she wanted to incorporate it into her title.

Content Analysis

A bit of advice Nancy gave us was that we had to go out and try new things and gain experience. She explained how hard times can figuratively make you fly higher. She mentioned that none of her art work was planned but were made on demand. Nancy said that she is very grateful for getting another chance to achieve her degree.

Synthesis/ My Experience

It was an amazing experience to see how passionate Nancy was about her work. I loved that it brought into a new perspective about how a certain image can be seen in the beholder’s sight. It was a great way to end the semester with some new insights.


Art 3    Art 8    Art 2


Art 5



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